Wednesday, February 1, 2012



The suborder Lari is the part of the orderCharadriiformes which includes the gullsterns,skuas and skimmers, with the waders and snipesmaking up the rest of the order. Following recent research, the auks are now placed into the Lari too; the Glareolidae might constitute a distinct suborder. Sometimes, the buttonquails are also placed here, but the molecular data and fossilrecord rather suggests them be a quite basaloffshoot along with the snipe-like and aberrantwaders.(Paton et al., 2003; Thomas et al., 2004; Paton & Baker, 2006).
The larids are generally larger species which take fish from the sea. Several gulls and skuaswill also take food items from beaches, or rob smaller species, and some have become adapted to inland environments.

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