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>Coracina tenuirostris (Common Cicadabird)

Common Cicadabird

Common Cicadabird
Conservation status

Least Concern (IUCN 3.1)
Scientific classification
Species:C. tenuirostris
Binomial name
Coracina tenuirostris
The Common Cicadabird (Coracina tenuirostris), also known as the Slender-billed Cicadabird, is a species of bird in the Campephagidae family. It is found in Australia, Indonesia, Micronesia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands. Its natural habitats are temperate forests and subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

Photographed at Kobble Creek, SE Queensland, Australia
Adult male & juvenile, Rush Creek, SE Queensland
The Cicadabird is also found in Sri Lanka

Numerous subspecies have been described, some of which are distinctive and often considered full species:
  • C. t. admiralitatis - Manus Cicadabird
  • C. t. amboiensis
  • C. t. aruensis
  • C. t. edithae
  • C. t. emancipata
  • C. t. erythropygia
  • C. t. grayi
  • C. t. heinrothi
  • C. t. insperata - Pohnpei Cicadabird
  • C. t. kalaotuae
  • C. t. kalaotuae
  • C. t. matthiae
  • C. t. melvillensis
  • C. t. meyerii
  • C. t. monacha - Palau Cicadabird
  • C. t. muellerii
  • C. t. nehrkorni
  • C. t. nesiotis – Yap Cicadabird
  • C. t. nisoria
  • C. t. numforana
  • C. t. obiensis
  • C. t. pererrata
  • C. t. remota - Grey-capped Cicadabird
  • C. t. rooki
  • C. t. rostrata
  • C. t. saturatior
  • C. t. tagulana
  • C. t. tenuirostris
  • C. t. timoriensis
  • C. t. ultima

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