Friday, April 6, 2012

>Acanthiza ewingii (Tasmanian Thornbill)

Tasmanian Thornbill

Tasmanian Thornbill
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Species:A. ewingii
Binomial name
Acanthiza ewingii
Gould, 1844
The Tasmanian Thornbill (Acanthiza ewingii) is a small brown bird only found in Tasmania and the islands in the Bass Strait. It is a common bird in these regions, often found in rainforests, wetforests, and scrublands. It occurs exclusively in cold and wet areas. Its diet revolves primarily around small insects, which it scrounges up and feeds on close to the ground.
Averaging 10 centimeters in length, the Tasmanian Thornbill is a small bird. Primarily light brown in coloration, the bird has a white undertail and a grey-streaked breast. There is no significant coloration or size differentiation between sexes.
The Tasmanian Thornbill has been assessed as a secure species, and its current status is listed as "Least Concern".

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